Yes, I'm gay. I probably was since the day I was born. On my 21st birthday, I sort of had my debut. I came out to my parents. A little drama from mom, and some indifference from dad. An above-average coming out. Almost perfect.

Nine years later, two weeks before my 30th birthday, I found out... I'M HIV POSITIVE.

And so my story begins... I'm BACK IN THE CLOSET.

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Tabloided baka-mahawa-ako-dyan issue as really been dragging on. A GMA executive has already responded on my entry, Up Yours, and in my latest findings, I’ve just been tabloided.

In an editorial piece entitled Baby HIV by Arnold Clavio in his column Hirit na! in Abante, he’s been able to air his side. Clavio, a.k.a. Igan, was apparently the partner of radio host Lala Roque during the interview.
With regards to this article by Igan, in as much as you’ve accused me of wrong information, and sans the baka-mahawa-ako-dyan incident, which is just becoming a your-word-against-mine thing, and which the family and I still stand by, let’s just see what you have. No, this is not an eye for an eye, nor a tooth for a tooth. As you’ve said, we’re in this fight together, and let’s educate the readers... correctly.

If you’ll allow me, I’ll take the statements in huge chunks, so I don’t take things out of context.

Pero as the main host ng ‘Emergency’, pinaninindigan ko ang lahat ng nasabi ko sa segment tungkol sa iba’t ibang paraan nang pagkalat ng nakakamatay na sakit na Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS).
Very, very contrary to what we have in Positivism. AIDS is no longer a killer disease, Igan. AIDS is not what will kill you. It’s the opportunistic infections that will.

… Igan, kailanman ay hindi naging polisiya ko sa programang ‘Emergency’ at panuntunan din ng buong pamunuan ng GMA Network, Inc. ang magbayad ng ‘case study’ o ‘resource person’.
Hmm, well that’s noble. Maybe chivalry is not dead? I’ll let things speak for themselves.

Alam ni Nanay at ng kanyang asawa na puputahan (sic) nila ako sa radio station DZBB. At bago kami umere, ako mismo ang nagtanong kung ‘okey’ lang sila na makakuwentuhan sa interes ng mga nakikinig. Nandoon si Tatay pero hindi ko siya tinanong on air.
Well, was it just my eyes, or did I not see the Dad come out on TV? Or don’t you watch your own show?

Sa pamamagitan ng kolum na ito I hope mabasa niya at maunawaan, pati na ang kanyang thread na walang magandang sinabi kay inosenteng Baby Nathan si Lala Roque.
Oopsy! Okay, this just made me giggle. That just better be a typo.

After the interview she was so concerned doon kay Baby Nathan dahil may ubo’t sipon ito nang araw na iyon. So hindi rin totoo, ayon kay Nanay, na bumubuti na ang lagay ni Baby Nathan katulad nang sinabi mo sa blog.
Well, you sort of failed to take into consideration that you didn’t see his condition when he was confined at the RITM. Hmm, if Baby wasn’t getting better, why exactly was he discharged from the hospital? Naku, these doctors talaga... yes I’m being sarcastic.

I doubt kung mayroong lalaki sa kanila na tatanggapin ang pagkakamali at hihingi ng paumanhin kay Lala Roque, na labis na naapektuhan sa mga ipinukol ninyong maling paratang.
O, wait, you don’t know my readers either, so since you don’t want me judging Lala Roque for her alleged actions, why should you theirs? Besides, being a “man” about things is so overrated, not to mention sexist.

Yung pamasahe nila Nanay para madala sa Research Institute for Tropical Medicine sa ParaƱaque si Baby Nathan, makakatulong ka ba?
First of all, the last time I checked, the RITM is in Muntinlupa. Have they moved? And second, I don’t even need to acknowledge your question. It’s none of your business, thank you. But wait, is it just me, or was I judged solely based on the fact that I am HIV-positive? Oh dear me...

With all that said, thank you for giving some media mileage to the issue of HIV and AIDS. Hopefully, in the future, more care will be taken in putting together these documentaries. More care, at least, than what’s been taken in this tabloid editorial.

And lastly, Lord Kayo na po ang bahala.
Amen, Igan. Amen.

Read the whole article here on Abante Online.
Hirit na!


rubypurple said...

I stand by my comment in your post. :)

I believe you and what the mom had said about that disparaging remark made by the girl in question. The question is where and when did that happen? Is the writer present when the girl made that remark about Baby Nathan? If not, then he has no right to defend her since he based his opinion on hearsay.

The comment might have been taken out of context since the girl was pregnant and baby Nathan has cough and colds so it might just mean that she doesn't want to get ill during her pregnancy.

But a responsible "reporter" should be mindful of the people around her when she says things.

What's really the initial agreement? I learned from you that it's just for a TV program. If you were "invited" to go to a radio program suddenly, will the parents be able to say no? I don't think so.

‘Yung pamasahe nila Nanay para madala sa Research Institute for Tropical Medicine sa ParaƱaque si Baby Nathan, makakatulong ka ba?
I found this comment very annoying, if not derogatory. If someone from that camp is reading this, BACK IN THE CLOSET helped baby Nathan and his family a LOT, more than you can imagine. A fare is just a speck in the dust compared to what this man has done for the baby.

E said...

1st of all, yes they do give out cash to the people they interview, di ba Princess? (researcher sha ng Reporters notebook) Di ba princess binigyan mo ng tig 500 ung mga interview nyo na poz para sa segment nyo last year about HIV.

Si baby naman researcher ng EMERGENCY, di ba sinabi mo sakin na bibigyan nyo ng pera mommy ni nathan for the interview? Yun nga din sinabi mo kay Ms.M ng SCH eh...

Naalala ko pala, may utang pa sakin si Princess ng REPORTERS NOTEBOOK for being an asset sa segment nila about drugs. Nahuli pa nga namin ung isa nilang kasamahan na segment producer ng GMA7 na gumagamit din ng droga eh...Bigay ko kaya mga phone number nila dito?

Julius said...


Lionheart : Richard the Adventurer said...

So sad naman.... Thanks for the info my friend. Sa RITM ako ngayon nagduduty at nagkaroon ako ng chance makausap at least 1 sa ganyang kaso... Hindi kasi kami talaga allowed. Tama ka, HIV/AIDS is not a killer disease.

By the way hindi ko napanood 'yung issue na iyan. Dito ko lang nabasa.

PinoyPoz said...

Ah wow, baka we can meet when I go there for meds... Look for Shola there... bait yun :-)





Lionheart : Richard the Adventurer said...

@ Pinoy Poz, Hopefully we can meet... I know Shola... Sige ask ko na lang sa kanya... Kasi naman active din ako... Gusto ko lang some sort of talks para naman mabawasan pagiging active ko... Hehe! Salamat!

Rafphaelo said...

Been a silent follower..and its my first time to shout out merely on this specif thread.
My love and support goes to this blogger not with the big fat lies that clearly transpired from these media peepz.