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Nine years later, two weeks before my 30th birthday, I found out... I'M HIV POSITIVE.

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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Election Erection

It’s March already. In just a little over a month and a half, the elections will be coming up again. A lot of decisions to be made, and huge ones at that. Decisions that are to shape the future of this country. Whoa. Nosebleed.

Who turns me on? Who turns me off?

Who will ultimately give me that election erection?

I’m pretty much a good citizen when it comes to voting. I’ve been voting ever since I reached the age at which I was qualified to. And I haven’t missed a single election ever either. I’m fortunate enough to live within a block of the precinct I’m assigned to, so really, there isn’t much suffering in suffrage for me.

So it’s 2010. Another presidential election is coming up. With so many issues facing candidates with running a whole country, how does one know who to vote for? Of course, it is but natural to evaluate candidates’ positions on the topics which matter most to you. And for me, right now, some of the more relevant issues to the times that have been getting the much needed attention from the presidentiables are those on family planning, contraceptives and sex education. The RH bill must also be mentioned, as it provides for disseminating information and access to both natural and modern family planning methods, including the use of condoms and ligation. Let’s see how they did.

Benigno Aquino III

Noynoy, back in 2009, categorically stated that he would “go on supporting the Reproductive Health Bill despite the possibility that Roman Catholic Church leaders and voters will boycott him in the 2010 elections.” He added that a legislation on reproductive health can help provide the sex education that present and future generations need, in answer to the misinformation they may get from the Internet and other media.

But as of January, Noynoy is said to have softened his stand on the RH Bill. He now chose to use the more careful term “responsible parenthood” in explaining his policy on family planning. Hmmm.

Vagueness much?

Gilbert Teodoro

Teodoro’s wife, Tarlac representative Nikki Teodoro, was actually one of the authors of the Reproductive Health Bill. Wooooow. But... she withdrew her support for the RH Bill after Gibo declared his candidacy. Oi.

So while earlier interviews had him saying, “While the state may not impose moral standards in connection with the contentious issue (of reproductive health), the government should support any means (whether natural or artificial) which an individual has freely made,” which is precisely what the RH Bill contains, Gibo in January backed down from endorsing the RH Bill as well.

But by March, at a forum sponsored by the Philippine College of Physicians, Teodoro became one of the first to come up strongly in favor of the reproductive health issue, stating that “The Department (of Health) must provide funding for all modern and natural family planning methods, except abortion,” supporting the prophylactic moves initiated by DOH Secretary Cabral. Agh.

Fickle-minded much?

Manuel Villar

Villar has always been against the RH Bill. He does not believe that a reproductive health program should be made into a law. Ouch. Well expected, really, since Villar is known to be an active member of Couples for Christ, a Chirstian lay organization. Yeesh.

Scary much?

Joseph Ejercito

Known to be pro-poor, which probably translates to the-more-the-manier, Erap’s stand on the RH Bill is comprised mainly of giving the people the freedom to have as many kids as they want, saying the government has no hand in controlling this aspect of Filipinos lives. We must remember, of course, that this comes from someone whose concept of family planning involves planning family after family after family, siring his own offspring with woman after woman after woman. *Speechless*

Horny much?

Richard Gordon

Former SBMA chair Gordon, meanwhile, at the same Philippine College of Physicians Forum, stated that not a single peso of the national budget should be allotted for the purchase of condoms and other birth control devices. A bit vague though, considering that does not necessarily say he won’t support education campaigns for Filipinos about these said reproductive health devices.

A February article though states that while Gordon says he will not campaign for the bill’s approval, it’s important for the government to ensure the good health of its citizens by providing them information on how to take care of themselves. He even went as far as saying “I am not afraid of the church.” Oooooh.

Interesting much.

JC delos Reyes

Delos Reyes, on the other hand, believes contraceptives are dangerous. What the?! Fine, he is pro-life. But even more appalling, he sees no need to support campaigns for sex education, since he believes the youth have "natural" or instinctive knowledge of sex. Seriously? “I think youth have enough natural knowledge of what will happen if they have sex.” Say what?! He also said he believes distributing condoms to the youth, as part of safe-sex campaigns, "promotes promiscuity and infidelity.” Enough!

He also says the next president should focus on promoting respect for women instead of spending on reproductive health measures. Duh.

Ironic much?


Brother Eddie Villanueva, a popular evangelist, popular evangelist said that he will uphold “the rule of God above anything else." Nicolas Perlas, an independent candidate merely said he had reservations on some of the bill’s provisions. Jamby Madrigal, meanwhile, seems too busy bashing Villar to make statements on any other issues. Hehehe.

Much too much.

So there. If I were to vote for someone who clearly supported my cause, I realize I’d end up turning in a blank sheet. Really, the reason behind this is the position of the Catholic church against artificial and modern methods of family planning. They’ve actually gone on and released “election guidelines” for Catholic voters to veto candidates who go against the position of the church. How much farther have they gone? The Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines said voters who would elect pro-RH bill candidates would become willing accomplices to "evil." Oh, for heaven’s sake... stop the brainwashing. Hasn’t anyone heard of the supposed separation of church and state?

But beyond the merits of the reproductive health issue in itself, bringing up the topic exposes the political will that is innate in each candidate. Honestly, I have more respect for someone who takes a firm stand on the issues, even if he or she does not agree with my own personal views on the issue, rather than those who swish from one side to another... leave the swishing to the tranny on the catwalk in nine-inch heels. Please... Take a stand. If you can’t, just take a seat.


fishinthepacific said...

very serious stuff. whoa! hehehe. for me, the best president is someone strong enough to withstand the Church's bitch-ass-slappings. pero di ko alam sino sa kanila =P

PinoyPoz said...

Hehehe... Yessss, had to research pa on everything... Two days worth! Gah!

I know who I sort of like. And then there are some who I definitely don't plan on voting for. :-)

Go back to sleep, Fishy. :-) Hugs!